1939 BSA M24 500cc Gold Star for Sale – £22,989.00

1939 BSA M24 500cc Gold Star for Sale, A Rare Immaculate Classic Pre-War Norton

Girder Model, Fitted With TT Carb, Megaphone Trumpet Exhaust.


1939 BSA M24 500cc Gold Star For Sale (10)1939 BSA M24 500cc Gold Star for Sale, Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a beautiful well sorted fully functional ready to ride 1939 BSA M24 500 Gold Star. Starts first / second kick with practice.

1939 BSA M24 500cc Gold Star
Big Pot 500cc Single
4 Speed foot change
BSA in full working order

Date of first registration: 31.12.1939
Model: M24 Gold Star
Cylinder capacity (cc) 500CC
Wheelplan 2-Wheel
Registration number: YXS 448
DVLA V5c UK logbook with Reg: YXS 448
Vin/Chassis/Frame No. KM20690
Engine number KM24690

This is the 1939 BSA M24 Gold Star. This was BSA’s flagship sports motorcycle in the days immediately prior to the second world War. This machine has been restored regardless of cost and is immaculate. Its has been done in the very eye catching Gold and chrome theme, which is none standard, but was apparently an option in the sales catalogue showing that scheme as available. This machine has its current V5C present and is classed as historic so is tax and MOT exempt at this age. It has recently had new Avon tyres fitted, the correct Jaeger Speedo has been recently refurbed and the correct spec Amal TT carb fitted. Both the mag and dynamo have been fully overhauled, so this machine starts first / second kick every time, is fully charging and absolutely flies for a pre war machine. I do not even need to tell you how this draws crowds literally everywhere the BSA goes, The bike draws attention as soon as the shop door is open. The bike was built using the period M20 frame, so the numbers are not factory matching, although I would point out that Pre War M24 machines were built into the heavier M23 frame ( which is identical to the M20 ) and this was offered as an option as these frames carried the side car lugs, and that is the telling feature. Would you believe that some people wanted to buy an out and out sports bike, but then hitch it up to a side car??… But in those days a lot of the factories offered a lot of options and if you were prepared to pay extra for it, then by and large they would sell it to you. For those of you wondering… they built something like six hundred Pre War Gold stars over two years and there is an extremely good website here that keeps track of all of the survivors:


This will show you that there is something of the order of 125 to maybe150 known survivors, so approx a quarter of them, and of those very few now have matching engine and frame numbers anyway simply because in their day a lot of these were actually raced. If you buy this you are joining a very small / elite club of owners world wide. Meeting another on the road is virtually lottery odds, and this machine is really properly sorted out and goes like the wind. Virtually none of the survivors are done in the optional gold colours, and only a handful are still being used in anger. If you want to really experience how good Pre War British machinery got… or have ever wondered just how usable something like this is…. then this is probably the opportunity to find out. This machine is not to be confused with the Post war BSA Gold Star which is entirely another story on its own. This is tractable, very usable, still has the legs, and definitely the looks. Few can argue that this is a show stopper.

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