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1954 Indian Papoose Brockhouse Corgi for Sale, Rare 98cc Classic Parachute Bike.

Original and Extremely Rare Hard To Find Collectors Vintage Papoose.


1954 Indian Papoose Brockhouse Corgi For Sale (1)1954 Indian Papoose Brockhouse Corgi for Sale, this is a Super rare, Genuine Indian Papoose Brockhouse Corgi ( Not a fake copy ) Collectors bike, ideal to take to shows or just to hang up in the office at work.

History of the Indian Papoose, started in 1947 The Indian Papoose started out life in 1942 to be used during the 2nd world war known as the Wellbike, then was redesigned named Corgi under the creative ingenuity of John Dolphin, changing the engine to a Excelsior Spryt, built under licence by Brockhouse Engineering Southport Ltd. Brockhouse was invested in the Indian company and began to re-badge the Corgi with the Indian Papoose decals along with re-painting the little folding motorcycle identifiable with the Indian Colors to market the Papoose as an Indian in the United States in 1948. Around 28,000 of the folding motorcycles where sold from 1948 to October 1954.


Indian Papoose General Specifications

Suggested List Price in 1954 Papoose ….. $253.46

Frame: Folding,with spring forks,hinged rear fender,
luggage rack, weather screen, large touring saddle.
Engine: 98c.c.,built by Brockhouse, with Albion speed,
foot-operated gearbox.
Bore And Stroke: 50 m.m. X 50 m.m.
Cubic Capacity: 98 C.C. 2 stroke engine
Compression Ratio: 6-1.
Cylinder Head: Aluminum alloy, Dome type piston with two rings.
Connection Rods: Nickel Chrome Molybdenum forgings.
Connecting Rod Bearings: Lower end of 3/16″ diameter rollers.
Main Bearings: Timken tapered – 2 used.
Carburetor: Amal.
Control: Twist grip on right handlebar.
Ignition: Flywheel magneto incorporation lighting coils.
Spark Plug: KLG FE 70 – 14 m.m.
Timing: plug fires 3/16 inch before top dead center.
Lubrication: Oil and gas mixture(Petroil).
Muffler: Cylindrical with baffles and external tail pipe.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 pints.
Clutch: Single Plate cork insert, operated by handlebar lever.
Gear Ratios: Low,8.9-1 – High 5.26-1
Chain: Renold, Primary 3/8 pitch
Sprockets: Engine,21 tooth – clutch 44 Tooth – 14 Tooth – Rear
wheel, 35 Tooth
Wheels: Cup and cone type bearings.
Tires: Dunlop size 12-1/2″ X 2-1/4″
Brakes: Two wheel front and rear 4″ diameter, internal.
Weight: 97 lbs
Wheelbase: 39″ , overall length 53″ , folds to height of 20 1/2″ , width of 13″.
Indian Papoose Fuel Mixture: 1 part oil to 20 parts Petrol.
Indian Papoose Point setting: .015


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